Ticket sales for all festival programmes will start on 9th of November.

During the advance sales period, tickets can be purchased at all Piletilevi ticket counters across Estonia and from www.piletilevi.ee. During the festival, tickets are sold at PÖFF Info and Ticket Centres at Solaris Centre, Coca-Cola Plaza and Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn, and at Tartu Kaubamaja as well as at all the screening venues.

PÖFF Packages and passes are available at www.poff.ee and during the festival at PÖFF Info and Ticket Centres.

Pöff Shorts
Ticket 6.00 €
Double seat 6.00 € *
Discount ticket 4.50 €
Pass 39 €


Wolf Pack:
Registration is for free!
Package ticket for Wolf Pack member at sub-festivals 5.50 €
Package discount ticket for Wolf Pack member at sub-festivals 4 €

Wolf Friend:
Registration 25 €
Subfestival package ticket for Wolf Friend 4.50 €
Package discount ticket for Wolf Friend member at sub-festivals 3 €

* Apollo Solaris, Coca-Cola Plaza, Cinamon
** Cinamon

Package tickets and festival passes are not valid for Double seats.
Discount tickets are valid for children, students and seniors when a respective identity document is presented on entry to the venue.

When buying tickets: note that each screening has a four-digit code that can be found in the PÖFF magazine and the screening schedule on PÖFF homepage. Use the code for buying tickets at the counter and online.
The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme.

Screenings at the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School are free of charge!