PÖFF Shorts announces winners
Photo: Lampros Rousodimos / PÖFF

The international short film and animation festival PÖFF Shorts announced the winners on November 24 in Kinomaja. The winning films can be seen in three special screenings in Tallinn and Tartu. Screening times can be found HERE!

Presenter: Overall Eesti
Jury: Heilika Pikkov, Jing Haase, Roberto Barrueco

"Roosenberg", 2017
Dir: Ingel Vaikla (Estonia)

Jury statement: "The award goes to a film where visuals, pace and story melt into a stunning (almost holy) trinity.
Contemplative and atmospheric, the film takes us on a journey to a place we never meet, making the architecture tell stories stronger than words and follows it to the very end.
The filmmaker gives the silence a voice and documents a reality soon lost."

JUMPSTART Special Prize for an Estonian filmmaker
Presenter: High Voltage
"The Good Shepherd", 2018
Dir: Evar Anvelt (Estonia)

Jury statement: "The High Voltage JumpStart Special Prize goes to a well-crafted film with beautiful visuals and a sensible main character. Placed in a complicated context, the story unfolds subtly, and the intensity keeps growing until the very last frame.
We are looking very much forward to see the next work of this promising director."

Jury: Zsuzsanna Kreif, Carmen Gray, Mait Laas

Presenters: A Film Eesti, BOP!, Fork Films, Eesti Joonisfilm, Tolm
"Egg", 2018
Dir: Martina Scarpelli (Italy)

Jury statement: "For an intelligently constructed and poetic universe that conveys deep emotion around a specific issue."

"Mermaids and Rhinos", 2017
Dir: Viktoria Traub (Hungary)

Jury statement: "For its very special visual storytelling and beautifully handled mise-en-scene."

NEW TALENTS Jury Award for Best Student Film
Presenters: Sony, Estonian Academy of Arts
"Sounds Good", 2018
Dir: Sander Joon (Estonia)

Jury Statement: "For an effectively minimalistic and surprising take on the physical world and the inter-dependency of sound and images."

NEW TALENTS Animation Jury Special Mention
"Sirens", 2018
Dir: Juli Tudisco (Hungary)

Jury Statement: "For a film infused with light, joyous energy that uses music and humour wonderfully to create an inspiring vision of freedom."

Jury: Triin Ruumet, Marta Bałaga, John Canciani

Presenter: Nafta Films
"All Inclusive", 2018
Režissöör: Corina Schwingruger-Iliç (Šveits)

Jury statement: “For visual mastery and light-hearted playfulness, which turns every shot into a perfectly framed delight."

NEW TALENTS Jury Prize for Best Student Film
Presenters: Sony, Tallinn University Baltic film, media, arts and communications institute
"100 EUR", 2018
Dir: Aleksey Lapin (Austria)

Jury statement: “This film explores the dark side of an economic reality of two protagonists without being judgemental. The director creates a precise observation by catching glimpses of funny and tragic moments and letting the actors perform in their extraordinary way to capture the audience's empathy for them and their life."

PÖFF Shorts short film and animation festival takes place from November 20-28 in Tallinn and Tartu. The 22nd Black Nights Film Festival will continue in Tallinn and Tartu until December 2nd.

Award ceremony directed by: Age Linkmann, Arolin Raudva, Maarja Tõnisson, Raho Aadla (Olmeulmad)
Lighting: Priidu Adlas (NO99)
Sound: Jakob Tulve (EMTA)
Host: Christopher Rajaveer (Eesti Draamateater)
Set design assistant: Terje Kähr
Live broadcast, cinematography and sound: Sander Gering, Andres Arukask
Production assistant: Monika Tomingas
Thank you: High Voltage, Kopli Couture, Kinomaja, Vapista, Eero Druus, Pille-Riin Langeproon, Paolo Girol, Marko Järv, Johanna Rõigas, Katrina Kaljuste, Liis Lõhmus, Annaliisa Kaaremaa, Kristiina Rein, Regina Madalik, Kätlin Linnas

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